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Special attention web site visitors:

LEGEND is no longer available for appearances.

Big Stevo has chosen to remove the truck from public viewing from this point on.

He will periodically update the information on the truck here but ask you to refrain from contacting him via email, phone or regular mail.

Big Stevo is keeping this page up to support his love of BIGFOOT as fans and to share the living history LEGEND gives, but has no desire to show the truck or get involved with any further charity, promotion of products or commercial ventures.

He has moved on from the trucking/racing business. Big Stevo has retired so he is focusing on other interests/ hobbies and raising his family.

If you do see the truck locally where he live, please be respectful of the privacy of those around the truck. The truck will occasionally make appearances for the local school and ask that you respect the privacy of the school kids if the truck is there. If you would like to approach the truck, please get permission from a LEGEND crew member first, because
we will not allow strangers around the school kids. Copyright 2006-2012